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Monday, March 22, 2010

19 days and doing fine...

Last Wednesday, March 17 we planted flower seeds.  Some of the flower seeds were very fine and the planting instructions said to sprinkle on top of soil and keep moist. We planted Lobelia in a traditional seedling flat filled with seed starting mix and covered with a clear plastic germination cover. We planted snapdragons in a Bio Dome flat with grow plugs. The Bio Dome instructions said fine seeds are just sprinkled on top of the grow plugs the same as you would do with planting mix. The larger hollyhock and stock seeds were put into the grow plugs as usual.

The other 2 Bio Dome flats with tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants were moved from the heat mats to another shelf in our plant rack to make room for the new germination flats.

The Tomatoes are all doing great and really could be re-potted today into 4" pots. The eggplants are almost ready to re-pot and the peppers will be ready in another week or so.

The lobelia really startled us. The normal germination time is usually 15-20 days. Our's only took 6 days. Hope this is a good thing. We followed seed packet directions and did not cover the seeds.

These (above from left to right) are snapdragons: Burpee's Tall Mix, Maya's Snaps, and Burpee Dwarf Mix. Maya's Snaps are germinated from seeds my granddaughter and I gleaned from a beautiful orange snapdragon my daughter planted last year at their home in Sacramento. I'm sure they were probably hybrid so I'm anxious to see what the gleaned seeds will produce.

Denali Seed Co. Dwarf Mixed Stock with a germination time of 7-10 days, 18 of 20 were up in 5 days. Burpee's Giants Mix Hollyhocks with a germination time of 12-21 days, 9 of 20 were up in 7 days.  The hollyhocks are on trial for us. We don't know how well they will do but are keeping consistent notes for next year.

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  1. I had some snapdragons reseed outside for me. The originals were hot pink. The next generation was rather subdued in color, almost a white. Hope some turn out the color you like or you are pleasantly suprised. I have tried and tried hollyhocks but they don't reliably (for a biennial) come back for me. I love their height, so I keep planting them though.

    Christine in Anchorage