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Monday, March 15, 2010

Seedling Progress

Sunday 3/14/2010 - 11 days after planting and 99% of our plants are up. I took a few minutes to clip off all of the extra sprouts leaving one seedling per cell. Each cell contains a special foam grow plug that wicks water from the tray. This seems to produce very healthy root systems.

I removed the plastic domes and lowered the light fixtures as some of the tomatoes were looking a little leggy. Most of the tomatoes were showing their first true leaves. When all of the seedlings have their first true leaves I will add some organic water soluble fertilizer to the trays and after a few weeks I will transplant them into 4" pots. As soon as these veggies are potted up we will reuse the Bio Dome trays and start Broccoli and Cabbage. You must use new grow plugs for each planting.

We still have 2 empty 40 cell Bio Dome trays and later today we plan to start some hollyhock,  lobelia, and snapdragon flower seeds.We are attempting to plan appropriate seed starting dates for different plants according to growth rates and when we expect to set them out in the garden. Keeping seed planting records  along with local weather and frost dates will help us to improve our results each year. The goal is to match our methods to the local micro-climate in our garden. With a short season, deep frozen soil , and late spring frosts we have to take advantage of every warn sunny day that is available.


  1. You have a great setup there. Makes me wish I had started seeds this year. I've been lazy the last few years and just bought veggie starts. I usually start sweet peas from seed though...can't live without that delicious smell and beautiful flower!

    Christine in Anchorage