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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June Garden Update

Gardening in Alaska really takes off in June and we have been very busy as usual. Memorial Day weekend is the official safe garden planting date and the garden centers and nurseries are crowded with last minute shoppers. Most of the popular plants are picked over or sold out within a week or two at the most.

Marna's flower garden is just beginning it's colorful summer show. The pink Forget-Me-Nots have filled in any open spots. The Iris opened up this week and the Columbine started setting blossoms. The big red Oriental Ladybird Poppies are ready to bloom any day.

The unique Himalayan Blue Poppy - Meconopsis Lingholm - opened it's first bloom just this morning. We have been told that  more true blue colored flowers do well in Alaska's short cool summers than any other region.

We added a rock garden in front of the greenhouse and it seems to be settling in very well. I really like the way Marna designed the layout and the plants that she chose.

We just completed a second flower bed yesterday and Marna set out Burpee's Giants Hollyhocks, Dwarf Stock, Foxglove, and Lobelia that she started from seed along with Iris, a Chocolate Sunflower, and Iceland Poppy that she picked up at a garden show.

Jim added a second raspberry bed and transplanted some volunteers from the first raspberry bed. The rest of the garden is really beginning to take off with our long summer days and the difference in just a few weeks never fails to amaze me.

The broccoli, brussels sprouts, and cabbage are doing very well. The photo above left was taken  June 2nd and above right was taken June 22 - just 3 weeks later.

The onions are also looking good. Above Left was taken June 2 and above right was taken 3 weeks later. I am trying Stuttgart and Yellow Ebenezer onions this year.

The greenhouse tomatoes are going wild and I am afraid I may eventually run out of room if they don't slow down. This is my first time using the grow-bucket system and I am very impressed with the progress so far.

It looks like we are going to have a bumper strawberry crop this year and the gooseberry bushes are full of berries also.

We still don't have a moose fence and Jim has already had to chase away a pair of yearlings that were prowling behind the house and were in the process of sampling the neighbor's garden. We are on constant moose patrol and have a bowl of firecrackers by the door just in case.


  1. What a difference in growth! Your strawberries look great. I was wondering if you guys were out on a long fishing trip.

  2. The veggie garden without a moose fence? I hope you can keep them off...our city moose are very persistent. My blue poppies don't have any buds yet, so I am envying you there.

    Christine in Anchorage

  3. I am moose impressed with your gardens Jim and Marna