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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July Garden Update

The greenhouse tomatoes are going crazy. I may have to start pruning them as some have already reached the ceiling. I am learning as I go and next year I will not plant so many buckets and certainly not so close together! I tried using a Blossom Set spray last week and I have started spraying with an organic fungicide spray as some of the lower foliage is showing signs of disease. It does stay very humid despite the ventilation. There are many green tomatoes and we should have plenty to pick in a few weeks.

A hungry Robin got our first ripe strawberry and I quickly put up a Bird Net to protect the rest.

The strawberry plants are loaded and it won't be long before we have enough to start making jam.

This will be our first Gooseberry crop and along with Gooseberry pie it looks like we may have enough to try some Gooseberry wine too.

The Eggplants and Peppers are looking much better after a slow start during our cool rainy June weather. I am learning that these plants are very temperature sensitive and can use all of the warmth that they can get. They seem to do better when I leave the grow tunnel closed even when the temperature climbs near 100 degrees inside.

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