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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Berry Season in Wasilla

We finally had enough rain free days in August to get out and pick berries. I added a second raspberry bed and the new plants produced a few berries, but they will do much better next year. So far we picked about 8 lbs of raspberries. There are still quite a few that are not quite ripe and and hopefully we will get a few more weeks before frost.

This was our first Gooseberry crop and today I picked a little over 10 lbs from 3 bushes that I set out 3 years ago. The berries are washed, spread out on cookie sheets, and placed in the freezer. After freezing solid they are sealed in Food Saver vacuum bags and stored in our deep freeze. Later this year we plan to use the berries to make some more Chateau Listeur vintage country wine.

We set a new all time record for consecutive rain-days this summer. I stopped counting somewhere over 30. Our best weather was way back in May with a string of warm sunny days. It turned cloudy and wet in June and never let up through July and into August. The neighborhood moose have had their fill of most of our vegetables. My decision to put off building a moose fence is something I have to accept.

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