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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2011 Garden Season Begins!

Well, I may be a few weeks late getting this posted, but I started some of my vegetable seeds a few weeks ago and today I potted up my tomato seedlings. This year I am trying Oregon Spring and Beaverlodge Plum tomatoes again, along with the hardy Glacier tomato that has done well for me in the past. I am giving Oregon Spring one more chance. I have not heard many good reviews of this variety. It is a hybrid parthenocarpic tomato from Dr. Jim Baggett, formerly of Oregon State University. It is supposed to set fruits in the absence of pollenization. This should be great for greenhouse growing and cool spring locations such as we have here in Wasilla. We shall see how it does this year. I am also trying Beaverlodge Plum tomato one more time. It is a Canadian variety that is supposed to be early and cold tolerant also.

I still love my bottom watering germination trays and order new grow plugs each year. Seedlings are transplanted into soilless potting mix set in standard flats and bottom watered.

One of my favorite seed starting tools is a battery powered sprayer. I have used this for several years and it sure beats a manual sprayer.

I use the sprayer to keep the soil moist. It is gentle enough not to harm even the smallest and very delicate seedlings. Even with bottom watering under grow lights the soil top always seems to dry out and I try to keep it moist. It is very useful for watering fine flower seeds that are broadcast over flats.


  1. I highly recommend Siletz for a unheated AK greenhouse. Not very many tomatoes but they are big and delicious.

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