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Friday, May 13, 2011

Greenhouse Progress

It is now the second week in May and all plants have been moved out to the greenhouse. I have learned my lesson and I still use a backup electric heater along with my propane heater. Night time temps are still dipping below freezing on many nights and our average last frost date here is May 20th. My backyard micro-climate seems to run a little colder than average on most nights.

I did plant some replacement tomatoes 4 weeks ago after losing the first ones when my heater failed. They seem to be doing well and they will just be a few weeks behind.

I will be planting my grow-buckets in the next few weeks. Since I have a raised insulated plywood floor in my greenhouse, I have to be mindful concerning water damage. The original grow-bucket design has air vent holes drilled just above the fill level and these provide needed oxygen to the root systems. Since my greenhouse is not completely level I was plagued with overflow problems last year as I was still experimenting with my float valve auto-fill system. I plan to modify my grow buckets to add an overflow drain just below the vent holes that should catch any excess water and connect to a drain line that will run outside the structure. I will post the complete modifications. I also plan to try growing some tomatoes in grow-buckets outdoors just to see how some of the cold hardy tomatoes will do. I do believe the grow-bucket systems provide ideal conditions for rapid growth.


  1. Wow way ahead of my stuff. I just go into the greenhouse to warm up. Tomatoes are still seedlings and under 2 inches tall. Your plants look great.

  2. Good work! It's always nice to have a greenhouse where you can grow all sorts of stuff. Even a small one with wood and plastic panels would do.