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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hoop Tunnel Snap Clamps

Gardeners in general either learn to roll with the punches or choose another hobby. Once again I was paid a visit by a local neighborhood moose and he put a quick end to any plans for fresh broccoli this summer. At least he didn't wait until the day before harvesting and I still had time to replant something in the broccoli bed. Since I had a flat of extra tomato starts I decided to see how they would do in my raised bed under a plastic covered hoop tunnel. I made my tubing frame as tall as possible with the left over conduit from my original tomato greenhouse. It is about 50 inches high. I designed it so the sides can be rolled up half way to allow access and for ventilation on sunny days.

I planted 14 tomatoes under IRT row cover to help increase soil temperature and suppress weed growth. I added drip irrigation and tomato cages for support.

I received my order for Snap Clamps and used them to secure the plastic film to my tubing frame. I am very happy with the results. The clamps fit over the 3/4" schedule 40 electric conduit very snugly and without any problems. 

The clamps come 10 per package for $9.95 plus shipping. I think I will be ordering many more of these simple clamps in the future.

Snap Clamps are available for purchase on my Garden Gadget page along with other items that I recommend. I am always looking for garden gadgets that improve growing conditions during our short cool summers here in Wasilla, Alaska.

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