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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Plants in the ground...

The mad rush to get everything planted on time is about over. I have 8 greenhouse tomatoes in their grow buckets.  I am cutting way back from the 16 grow buckets that I had last year as that turned out to be way too crowded for my space.

I am growing Beaverlodge Plum, Legend, Oregon Spring, Early Girl and Glacier varieties along with 2 Millionaire eggplants. I will plant my bush green bean seeds outdoors next weekend as they need warmer soil temperature of 55 degrees to germinate. I planted several varieties of onions again and I am still trying to decide what does the best in my garden. Finding true long day onions for Alaska has been tricky. Most generic onions that you find at garden centers are not labeled. I planted Stuttgarter from Alaska Mill and Feed as my main crop of long day onions and I am trying some day neutral onions also. I ordered the Day Neutral Collection - Candy, Red Candy and Suprtstar from Territorial Seed Company. I also planted some unlabeled generic white onions I picked up at the Home Depot garden center just for scallions. 

I spent 2 days carefully planting all my onions and salad greens only to come out the next morning and find that a stray neighborhood dog had decided to climb int my raised bed and dig a few holes.

If it isn't the local moose eating my broccoli I now have to watch out for stray dogs as well. I guess my moose fence should probably be dog proof too. At least I don't have a rabbit problem. Gardening is always one challenge after another.

As I was preparing my broccoli bed I noticed some movement in the soil and on closer inspection I was very surprised to find what looks like a nightcrawler in my raised bed. Now I thought that nightcrawlers were not native to Alaska and maybe this is just an Alaskan sized earth worm. I guess he could have arrived in some bagged planting soil. I put him back and hope there are others. Worms are very good for the garden soil - but nightcrawlers are reported to be harmful to Northern forests.

Broccoli is all planted and I will add a layer of mulch to keep the weeds down. Now if I could just keep the moose away long enough to build a fence.

My hoop tunnel was planted with Millionaire eggplant, and bell peppers. I am trying King of the North and improved California Wonder peppers. These crops demand a warm climate and I am using IRT row cover to warm the soil as well as the grow tunnel to conserve warmth at night. I plan to add an automatic timer to the drip system to control the watering cycle each week.

Memorial Day weekend is flower planting time and I got the flower beds cleaned up and all of my starts set out. The Zinnias that I started indoors are 18" tall and in full bloom!

The perennials are starting to show life and the long daylight hours will start to produce colorful results very soon. I wanted to try some hardy Geraniums also called Cranesbill and I decided to order some plants this year. They came from Provenance Garden - a nursery in Spokane, Washington. I ordered 2 types: "Elke" and "Espresso". They arrived in the mail on Tuesday and were planted later that day. I am anxious to see how they turn out.

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  1. Nice conestoga. I mean hoop tunnel. Your garden looks like it's off to a great start.