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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My First Alaska Cucumber

Yesterday I picked my first Grow Bucket cucumber along with my first King of the North peppers and Millionaire eggplant. The new Grow Bucket design seems to be working as good as I hoped. 

The other veggies came from my hoop tunnel and they are doing much better this year then in the past few summers. The weather has been better this year with far fewer cloudy rainy days. As I have said before, without clear sunny days we just don't get the warmth needed for some veggies. Cloudy days rarely get above 60 - 65 degrees and hoop tunnels and greenhouses need direct sun for solar gain to produce the higher temperatures that some plants prefer. My greenhouse and hoop tunnel tomatoes are full of green fruit and it is just a matter of ripening. I did try a new fertilizer this year and it probably was too high in nitrogen that resulted in excessive foliage growth. I had to do some extreme pruning inside the greenhouse yesterday as many of the tomato plants were running out of room. They are all still producing blossoms that probably won't have time left in this growing season to develop into ripe fruit.

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