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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Indoor Garden Update

I transplanted my seedlings yesterday and adjusted my seedling growing rack to accommodate the larger plants. Everything looks good so far. I am using a modified bottom watering system and a wicking medium to draw the water up to the plants. I made it out of commonly available plastic storage containers that I bought at a local discount store and used fabric shopping bags to contain the growing medium.

I am growing several varieties of red lettuce along with curly kale and red Swiss chard. 

I will be using Safer® Brand Oxygen Plus Liquid Plant Food that also contains oxygen booster.

 The translucent watering tray will allow me to visually maintain the necessary water level.

I also planted some in square pots placed in a regular seedling flat as a watering tray. We shall see which plants do best. I may experiment with a gravity feed watering system at some point - but for now I will simply keep the watering trays filled every few days.

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