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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My First Indoor Hydroponic Tomatoes

I received a wonderful gift recently from a friend. Two complete General Hydroponics brand drip hydroponic systems called the  WATERFARM®. Along with a 600 watt HPS grow light.

So I quickly started some tomato seedlings and I chose 2 dwarf - bush type tomatoes as they will be growing indoors with minimal support. I selected Patio F Hybrid a determinate variety designed for containers that grows 24" tall and Red Robin another determinate dwarf variety that only grows 8 - 12" tall  from Tomato Growers Supply Company in Fort Meyers, Florida.

I bought some organic nutrient and a pH test kit and mixed and tested my growing solution. I transplanted my seedlings today and have everything set up and working. The grow light was connected to my timer system and the light was hung above my grow containers. I set my systems inside a storage tote just for safety in case anything should leak. This system uses inexpensive aquarium air pumps to oxygenate the solution and move the solution up from the reservoir to the drip ring. The air pumps were placed on a foam pad to reduce their buzzing noise.

Hopefully I will have some fresh tomatoes to go along with my indoor lettuce crop in a month or two and I will keep you informed on the progress. So let it snow - I'm growing tomatoes indoors !!


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