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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring time in Wasilla...

I will be picking fresh lettuce again soon and ruby Swiss chard too.  I started some new plants about a moth ago and I should be ready to pick some in a week or two. The long days sure are nice again. We are back above 12 hours of sun and temps in the 40's by afternoon. 

There is just way too much snow left to melt. I had to climb up and shovel off part of my garage roof yesterday as some of the melt water was backing up into my bathroom vent and leaking into the house. Wouldn't you know - my extension ladder, that I left leaning up against the back of my house, was completely frozen to the ground under several inches of ice and it took me nearly an hour to get it loose. I am afraid we are in for a very soggy break-up season this spring. I better get my hip waders out soon. We always have lots of standing water when the snow melts and before the ground thaws out - but with our record snow amount this winter there will be a lot more melt water than we usually have to deal with. Welcome to springtime in Alaska...

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