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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Backyard Farming... Why Bother ?

I enjoy cooking Real Food that is as fresh as possible and preferably home grown. That is why I garden. I learn a lot from other people that I follow. In the past that was from reading books. The first person to really inspire me was Ruth Stout and her gardening bible called Ruth Stout's No Work Garden Book published by Rohdale Press in 1971.

It was a her revolutionary approach to gardening that copied the natural process of using deep mulch and the breakdown of organic material to feed the soil. Then came Square Foot Gardening by Mel Martholomew published in 1981 by Rhodale Press.

I was hooked on getting the highest yield from my garden space and growing the most I could with the least amount of work  - Ha! I was a little naive to say the least. Building raised beds, applying deep mulch, setting up drip irrigation, and composting kitchen and garden waste - all takes work. To me it is enjoyable and the rewards fare outweigh the effort. Eating healthy home grown foods makes me feel better and hopefully improves my health.

Staying healthy has become more important as we age and the high cost of healthcare in the U.S. has made a healthy lifestyle popular. Yet diet related disease has continued to increase in spite of the health claims of the huge Food Processing Industry. Most of our diet related disease is a result of the modern western diet. Changing the way we eat is the most important thing anybody can co to stay healthy. One of the people I follow today is a food columnist for the New York Times. Mark Bittman has been writing about food for over 30 years. I enjoy watching his short cooking videos available on iTunes called "The Minnimalist". He presented a very good essay on "What's Wrong With the Way We Eat" at a Ted Talks in 2007.

I believe Mark's words may be the most important concept we need to face in our ever growing world controlled by huge corporate interests. To read more about Mark Bittman's philosophy on health and diet, check out his book titled "Food Matters" published in 2008 by Simon and Schuster.

The new evil empires may just be giant Corporate Agriculture and their brother the huge Food Processing Industry with all of the processed food products they promote. The biggest statement anyone can make is to grow our own food at home. Even if we can't grow everything we need. Everybody can grow some food at home and we will all be healthier for the effort and a little less dependent on Corporate Agriculture and the Food Processing Industry.

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