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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

PRODUCT ALERT for Alaska Grow Buckets !

PRODUCT ALERT !!! Good News for people that are making Alaska Grow Buckets. I found a great source for the perfect Plastic Colander that fits nicely inside a 5 Gal. bucket without handles that stick out and must be trimmed off. 

On the BuyTheCase.net web site you can purchase 12 Arrow brand 4 Qt. Plastic Colanders for only $31.08 which is $2.59 each (plus shipping) ...just ignore the photo on their product page as it is not correct. I checked with this supplier and they are selling the newer model that I recommend.

Arrow model #289 4 Qt Plastic Colander


  1. bad link http://www.buythecase.net/

    What is the purpose of the Colander?

  2. The colander keeps the inlet into the bucket exposed so that the soil bag does not plug it. We get our colander from the dollar store, and use the blue was Matt cloth shopping bags for grow bags...

  3. FYI....Using old cotton t-shirts now in place of the bag. Zip tie the neck and sleeves then fill with soil just like the bag. I have lots of worn out work shirts at the end of every year.

  4. From now on, I'll be using a clothes basket for the greens harvesting, rather than the colander I was using last week. That's nearly two pounds.....not a bad spinach harvest, huh? I went back to that dollar store that's closing out, and bought two of these baskets to use for picking garden produce for only 90-cents each. Granny's always looking for a bargain ;-)