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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tomato Seedlings Update

I transferred most of my new tomato seedlings from my Parks Bio Dome germination trays into pots today and they are all doing as good as I could hope.

I have about 35 tomato seedling potted so far and I still have a few left. I am always looking for cold climate varieties and many come from Russia and Northern Europe. I am also trying many dwarf or bush varieties. I am hoping they will do better in my low hoop tunnels and inside of my greenhouse. Many tomatoes I have grown in the past would reach the roof inside my greenhouse and needed to be pruned back frequently. I read some good reviews of one variety called Extreme Bush from Victory Seed company. Two of my new varieties called Alpatieva 905A and Yaponskiy Kerlik along with Siberian come from Russia. I am also trying several interesting new varieties that are named after Alaska landmarks including Sleeping Lady, Yukon Quest, Sand Point, and Iditarod Red. Most of these come from Titiana's TOMATObase web site that I am trying for the first time this year. Follow along throughout the season to see how these tomato varieties do in my garden here in Wasilla and let me know what tomato varieties work for you.

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