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Saturday, May 31, 2014

End Of May Update

Today is May 31 and we have had more than our fare share of fantastic sunny weather this past month. You could say we have had too much of a good thing. The warm and very dry weather helped spawn a terrible forest fire down on the Kenai Peninsula. As of today the area burned is estimated to be over 190,000 acres. The location of the fire was several hundred miles South of my house, but the thick smoke and the smokey smell covered the Matsu Valley where I live. I even noticed a fine layer of ash covering my truck hood.

The weather finally turned cool, a few days ago, and we got some much needed rain. This has helped put a damper on the fire. Containment is getting near if this weather pattern holds for a few more days.

I have been very busy with some needed garden projects this spring. An 8 ft high electrified Moose fence is out of my budget so I am building Moose Cages over my raised beds.

We shall see how well it works. I added hinges along one side so the hoop cages can be moved out of the way to reach my plants.

They are much more affordable then fencing my property. I have several completed and just two more to build.

I finally got my annual flower bed planted. I had 4 flats that totaled over 100 seedling starts. It took me all Thursday afternoon to get them into the ground and I was pretty sore after many hours crawling around on my knees, but it was worth the effort and I always enjoy playing in the dirt.

I am not a flower expert, so I just picked out some bright colors that I have had good luck with before.

 I hope to see a bed full of color soon. Some of my Marigold transplants are blooming today.

I am a little behind in getting my warm season eggplant, peppers, and tomatoes transplanted out into my hoop tunnels. They are doing just fine inside my greenhouse, although it is a little crowded. I decided to hold off until this colder weather pattern passed and we get some more sunny days, but I simply cannot put it off much longer. It is all about timing, here in Wasilla, in order to take full advantage to our long sunny days and short growing season.

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