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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Never Enough Time...

The Summer Solstice has past and the days are actually getting shorter again. Even though the long Alaska summer days will still be with us for another month or so, the psychological effect weighs on the mind of those that depend on our limited growing season. The greatly accelerated plant growth we experience, with our long days, can be easily seen in our yards and how soon the freshly cut grass grows back and requires another day behind the lawn mower. Keeping up with weeding, lawn mowing, brush clearing and any new outdoor projects, let alone planting and maintaining a vegetable and/or flower garden does not allow a lot of time to do much else. If you add in gathering and cutting firewood and maybe a few fishing trips - then you can get the idea.

My greenhouse Alaska Grow Buckets are doing great this year and my 20 Extreme Bush tomatoes are loaded with fruit.

I have lots of green tomatoes and as usual it seems to be taking forever to see any red ones. I gave everything a shot of Alaska Fish Emulsion and Kelp Extract in my bulk watering reservoir last week.


I have been using a different plant support system this year and so far I am very happy to recommend the Tomato Clips that most commercial growers are familiar with. I just hope that the jute twine that I used will be strong enough to support the weight of my fruit loaded plants.

Tomato Clips
I have also been clearing brush and cleaning up my property as time allows and working on the area just behind my house. This was a brush covered, overgrown hillside that you could not walk through when I moved here 10 years ago. Slowly each year I have been cutting willows and weeds and trying to establish a natural shade garden with wild ferns that I transplant from around my property and shade tolerant perennials.

I also transplanted 10 spruce seedlings from around my property to try and add some winter greenery and establish a screen along one edge of my property.

The best time to plant a tree is always 10 years ago, but the next best time is today. I will never get all of the things done that I would like to complete, in our short Alaska summer, but this year the weather has been as near perfect as I have experienced in my 23 years living in Alaska and I can't complain. I will complete some projects and actually look forward to another winter when life slows down and I can just sit inside by the wood stove and enjoy watching it snow outside, and plan next years summer projects.

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