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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Alaska Grow Buckets - March 12th Sales Update

I want to thank all of my Kickstarter supporters and everyone for their patience while I get my DIY Alaska Grow Buckets distribution system up and running. I am still working out some of the details with my suppliers to keep my prices and shipping charges as low as possible. Working from my location in rural Alaska has presented some logistical challenges. Shipping the individual parts to Alaska from multiple vendors for packaging and distribution is taking a little longer than anticipated, but I still plan to have kits available in time for spring planting. I will be offering 3 kits for sale. A complete 6 Bucket Garden kit including everything to make 6 Alaska Grow Buckets combined with the Float Valve Control kit to make a complete self-watering garden system. In addition I will have 6 Grow Bucket Expansion kits available, without the float valve control, for increasing your growing capacity. You can add as many extra 6 Bucket kits as your space will allow. I will also offer the Float Valve Control kit for sale without the Grow Bucket parts.

I do not have the final retail price yet, but I plan to keep the price close to what I listed on the Kickstarter project. You can still sign up for my Customer Email List on my Alaska Grow Buckets website to be notified as soon as kits are available.

Up here in Alaska, I always start my garden plants indoors and get a jump on the season. You can read all about my seed starting system on my Wasilla Alaska Garden blog. Starting your own seeds is always something I would recommend to anybody using the Alaska Grow Bucket system.

Purchasing a good wicking grow medium is also important and shopping around at your local home and garden centers will help you to find a the lowest prices in your area. You can make your own grow mix but it should contain at least 60% sphagnum peat or coco coir.

Collecting used free buckets from local food and grocery outlets is another project, or comparing prices for buckets you can buy in your area. I use the familiar orange buckets from Home Depot.

Make sure that you have a good electric drill and a 3/4" step drill bit for converting your buckets into Alaska Grow Buckets. I found that a cheap 3/4" flat spade bit but will NOT work. The low cost spade bits make a jagged hole that will not allow a water tight seal around the rubber grommet and barbed fittings causing water leaks.

Thanks again for your patience...

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